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Saturday, 7 October 2017

Identity Politics: Is This Picture Beautiful ?

I wanted to stay away from this page.

Democracy drives me back to the table.
Cheerleading on identity politics as a subterfuge for winning votes makes the meal difficult to swallow.

Can you folks really believe this following statement from a country that, purportedly, operates on the principle of rule of law... and not ideology?

Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs

"Peace and prosperity are every person’s birthright. Today, as Canadians, we have a great opportunity to help the people of the world’s developing countries join the global middle class and the multilateral system that supports it.
It is worth reminding ourselves why we step up—why we devote time and resources to foreign policy, trade, defence and development: Canadians are safer and more prosperous when more of the world shares our values.
Those values include feminism and the promotion of the rights of women and girls."

Standpoint epistemology is not a credible justification of YOUR point of view.

I believe that I am right does not make me right.

Yes, there are identity politics.  However...  the valued pursuit in democracy is a higher value than yours'... it is the common good.

How on earth and in the universe and throughout all time did we come to believe that this picture was beautiful?

jp melville

Where is the evidence that "Canadians are safer and more prosperous" because the world shares our values, including feminism?

What a mixed bag of worms kind of statement... and the bag even has holes in it.

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